Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Conrad Black...

Leavenworth Penitentiary Warden E. J. Gallegos and his staff wait patiently to welcome Lord Conrad Black.

Hopefully, Conrad's wife, Barbara Amiel, will visit often and take the opportunity to write about this five star facility and its luxurious accommodations.

This facility is the flagship of the American penal system. Lord Conrad Black being the journalist that he is, should welcome this tremendous opportunity to write about one of America's finest institutions. I am assuming Lord Conrad Black will not be seeking imprisonment in a "country club" facility as he awaits his Presidential Pardon... perhaps Scooter Libby will be among his visitors.

Media mogul and freedom fighter, Lord Conrad Black, begins his extended stay south of the Canadian border as a result of being a convicted corporate criminal. Convicted felon Lord Conrad Black is a long-time booster of George Bush. Conrad and wife, Barbara Amiel, have been long-time supporters of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and big-time Republican financiers.

No doubt, had his present predicament not presented a conflict of interest, the freedom fighting Lord Conrad Black would have joined Canadian and American troops in Afghanistan or American and British troops in Iraq.

Lord Conrad Black was convicted of serious felonies involving corporate wrong-doing.

Lord Conrad Black has been a poster-boy for the corporate elite while his wife Barbara Amiel has served corporate interests well with her poison pen--- praising everything anti-human and reactionary from racism and war as she attacks anything and everything that has even a tinge of progressivism.

Lord Conrad Black has been the "corporate don" of the establishment and now has the opportunity to become the "don" of the prison underworld, too. No doubt he will be recruiting from among his cell mates for future ventures.

Lord Conrad Black, in spite of being a self-proclaimed courageous freedom fighter, is crying like a baby about his conviction.

It wasn't long ago that Barbara Amiel and Conrad Black editorialized in the publications they owned that I should be deported from Canada back to the United States. No doubt Lord Conrad Black used his "influence," which included bribing corrupt Canadian public officials, to deny me a fair hearing before the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board. In big bold headlines Lord Black and wife Barbara Amiel editorialized: "Commie Go Home."

Barbara and Conrad now get to experience life in America firsthand.

This is one person who will be very happy to see Lord Conrad Black receive a hefty prison sentence. I can't think of a family more deserving.

Lord Conrad Black, you have crossed the border--- and broken the law--- now, stop your crying and go straight to jail.

I hope Barbara enjoys her visits with you. I hope she finds the menu satisfactory.

It is rather ironic, though, that American taxpayers have to pick up the tab for your extended visit. I hope the warden finds suitable employment for you... I understand Leavenworth Penitentiary has an excellent work program. Perhaps you will learn a useful trade in the furniture shop.

Lord Conrad Black... you editorialized that my Marxist convictions should be the determining factor in not allowing me to cross the border into Canada... I hope you now understand that your felony convictions will no longer allow you to enter Canada.

Your convictions have opened the door to your cell :)

Conrad... you and Barbara appear to be frowning. I'm smiling.

Conrad, I hope I have given you and Barbara something to talk about around the dinner table.

Lord Conrad Black... enjoy your ham and cheese sandwiches; I understand Barbara may be looking for a new dinner partner.

Update: Conrad Black will not have to go to jail while he awaits sentencing on three charges of mail fraud and one charge of obstruction of justice, a judge in Chicago ruled.

Not exactly "happy campers"